Colonel Sanders still hanging tough in Rachel, NV

Recently, while researching extensional tectonics in the Central Basin and Range, I discovered a strange phenomenon in Google Earth north of the Nevada Test Site, just outside Area 51.  Rachel, NV is known for its central location for UFO aficianados as it is the closest town to the infamous Area 51.  As I was looking for information for Miocene tectonics related to the Las Vegas Valley shear zone, I was a little out of my area of focus.  Just before leaving to fly back south, a bright white and red image caught my eye.  I immediately recognized the classic face and began to question how this wasn’t an overlay.  Stretching 75 x100 meters, this has to be the most profound thing I’ve yet seen in Nevada…and that’s going a long way!  Colonel Sanders smiles big and bright right next to Little A’le’Inn, a local business.  From what I’ve found on the web, it was completely backed by KFC.  Apparently they wanted ETs to prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken over any other food group!  I’m not posting any images of the work of art as it is more fun to find it yourself…just type in Rachel, NV.


One Response to Colonel Sanders still hanging tough in Rachel, NV

  1. Enragedlion says:

    Going to Rachel NV on google earth made my day. Thanks for that.

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