Draining the Oceans

A new program to be aired a week from today (Aug. 9th) is all about focusing on that world which is covered by multiple kilometers of water.  The ocean floor makes up much of the earth’s crust and is as diverse, if not more, than dry land.  National Geographic Channel has created a series that will show CGI images, in tune with bathymetry and geology, of regional areas such as the Hawaiian Islands, Bahamas, and Challenger Deep.  The ocean is far from a desert.

 Bahama Platform


2 Responses to Draining the Oceans

  1. BrianR says:

    oh man … that sounds awesome … but I don’t have Nat’l Geographic Channel! Boo! Hopefully there will be a DVD to rent on Netflix soon.

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    Draining the Oceans | Sedimentary Soliloquy

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